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Audio Visual Equipment, Support And Services

Live Video Streaming

Not only can we video record, and later edit, your event but we can also Live Stream the entire thing. Just ask us how!

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Audio Video For Private Events Edmonton

Seminars & Conferences

Think Big Screens, Bright Projectors, and Clear Microphones! And a lovely human to support you.

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Non-Profit Events

Seminar Techs will often volunteer our equipment and human power to support our local Edmonton Non-Profits ❤️

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Small Functions still need AV Techs

Private Events

We provide and operate the audio visual Edmonton equipment for your private seminars, speaking events, and celebrations!

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Non-Profit event AV

Photo & Video

We have partnered with amazing photographers and videographers with exceptional skills and experience.

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Audience Participation with live event audio visual services


We can help your on-screen technology as well, with fancy PowerPoints that allow audience polling and interactions.

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Professional & Reliable

We are a small Edmonton Audio Visual Company that provides and operates the Audio/Video Equipment (microphones, speakers, screens and projectors, etc) to help your Live Event!

We have chosen to focus on modest size events in order to keep our overhead low, our reliability high, and our prices affordable!

We are also partnered with other local companies to provided more than just Audio Visual Edmonton services:

  • Live Event Audio / Video Equipment
  • Live Operator and Tech Support
  • Video Production (Editing, Shooting, Streaming)
  • New Media Production / Digital Publishing
  • Event Planning, Designing, And Delivering

We focus on the following:

  • Teaching And Learning Events
  • Educational Seminars and Conferences
  • Special Events like Fundraisers And Awareness Campaigns
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Audio Video Customer Service

Our job is to save you time, money, and stress. That’s why PEOPLE will always be our business focus.

We understand that at the end of the day we are a small Audio Video Company who supplies and supports the technology needed to help you run your live event. We’re the audio/video nerds who load in some equipment like screens and projectors and microphones and speakers. And we are the lovely humans who manage your audio levels and PowerPoints.

But at the end of the day your goals are probably to make your own audience members happy and more educated. You have your own message to deliver on Event Day, and our job is to help you with that. We help by taking the worry off of your shoulders (about the event technology, or possibly by helping your presenters feel more comfortable) and to help your staff to feel supported and understood.

What’s worse than an AV Company who sits in the back of the room without communicating with those they’re trying to support? Have you ever used a company who sends their youngest technician, who then sits and plays on their phone the whole time?

That’s not how we operate.

Customer service is that foundation of our success!

We are not like any regular AV company, who focuses on new technology while ignoring the human interactions that happen before, during and after your events. We don’t try to cut costs by out-sourcing our labour to the cheapest college students we can find. We, the owners, show up to load the equipment, and to run it, and to support you.

We are a people-focused company who also use Audio/Visual Technology.

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If you would like a price list on our AV equipment and services please reach out!