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  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Online Meetings and Presentations
  • Hybrid Zoom / Livestreaming

We offer AV Services for Seminars and Conferences here in Edmonton, Calgary and the beautiful surrounding Alberta area. This incldues St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, and Fort Saskatchewan.

We take care of all of the audio/video equipment rentals and provide audio-visual technicians, planning and logistics so that you can feel more relaxed and comfortable during your event. 

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Video Production Services in Edmonton

Most of our corporate video production is focused on live events, however we also produce family documentaries – Visit Legacy Tribute Video Video for more information!

Live Event Recording

Our Corporate Video Recording Includes:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Webcasting / Livestreaming
  • Live Presentations / Speaches
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Video Production Services Edmonton

Video Recording And Editing
Video Production Edmonton

Hybrid Livestreaming

We offer Audio Visual Services to bring your event to life with seamless Hybrid Livestreaming!

Reach a global audience while maintaining a local feel. We provide everything for a professional experience:

  • Flawless A/V: Crystal-clear audio & high-definition video streaming.
  • Interactive Features: Live chat, polling & breakout rooms keep everyone engaged.
  • Expert Support: Our technicians handle the tech, you focus on the event.

Don’t limit your reach. Contact Seminar Techs for a free Hybrid Event quote!

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Audio Video Edmonton

Live Event Audio Video Professionals

Stress-Free Live Events in Edmonton

Seminar Techs: Your Edmonton Live Event Audio & Video Partner.

Robert, with 20+ years of experience, leads our team to flawlessly manage your event’s AV needs. We focus on results, not just equipment, for a successful and stress-free experience.

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Professional & Reliable

We are a modest Audio Video Company here in Edmonton who provides and operates the Audio Video Equipment (microphones, speakers, screens and projectors, etc) to help your Live Event!

We have chosen to focus on smaller size events in order to keep our overhead low, our reliability high, and our prices affordable!

We are also partnered with other local companies to provided more than just Audio Visual Edmonton services:

  • Live Event Audio / Video Equipment
  • Live Operator and Tech Support
  • Video Production (Editing, Shooting, Streaming)
  • New Media Production / Digital Publishing
  • Event Planning, Designing, And Delivering

We focus on the following:

  • Teaching And Learning Events
  • Educational Seminars and Conferences
  • Special Events like Fundraisers And Awareness Campaigns
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Audio Visual Live Event in Edmonton
Seminar Techs - Audio Video Edmonton Live Events

Audio Video Customer Service

Our job is to save you time, money, and stress. That’s why PEOPLE will always be our business focus.

We understand that at the end of the day we are a small Audio Video Company who supplies and supports the technology needed to help you run your live event. We’re the audio/video nerds who load in some equipment like screens and projectors and microphones and speakers. And we are the lovely humans who manage your audio levels and PowerPoints.

We understand that you have your own message to deliver on “Event Day” and our job is to help you with that. We take the worry off of your shoulders (about the event technology, or possibly by helping your presenters feel more comfortable) and we help your staff feel supported and understood.

Have you ever used a company who sends their youngest underpaid technician, who then sits and plays on their phone the whole time?

That’s NOT how we operate.

Customer service is our foundation of success!

We are a small Edmonton Audio Video Company run by the owners. We personally show up to load the equipment, run it, and to support you.

We are a people-focused company who happen to be nerds who love Audio Visual Technology.

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Audio Video Rentals 

We offer audio equipment rentals and video equipment rentals for every possible event scenario or situation. We work with you in advance to plan out what you’ll need, but we always bring extra items for emergencies or game day changes. 

Typically we will bring our van full of microphones, cables, mixers, recorders, projectors, screens, video cameras, adapters, and loud speakers to support your presenter and their presentation.

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audio video edmonton av services

AV Equipment

Be aware that the large AV Companies will invoice you a full professional hourly rate, but then will send out their 20-year-old student who’s being paid $15/hour, without the experience to handle surprises during your live event.

Not only that, they’re using equipment that’s been poorly handled by hundreds of people who rent from them.

When you hire Seminar Techs you’re getting our best equipment, handled only by us. Right down to every cable that’s been carefully tested, cleaned and cared for.

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If you’re a local Event Planner who would like to partner with us please drop us a line anytime! We love helping others in the Edmonton video Production communicate, meet new clients, and grow their business!

Seminars & Conferences

Think Big Screens, Bright Projectors, and Clear Microphones! And a lovely human to support you.

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Live Events

Seminar Techs will often volunteer our equipment and human power to support our local Edmonton Non-Profits ❤️

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Live Video Streaming

Not only can we video record, and later edit, your event but we can also Live Stream the entire thing. Just ask us how!

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Small Functions still need AV Techs

Private Events

We provide and operate the audio visual Edmonton equipment for your private seminars, speaking events, and celebrations!

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Photo & Video

We have partnered with amazing photographers and videographers with exceptional skills and experience.

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Livestreaming Hybrid Virtual Events Edmonton

Hybrid And Virtual Events

Ask us how we can help you create and deliver an online hybrid event!

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Video Livestreaming Services

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