Edmonton Event AV Equipment Rentals

Edmonton and Calgary have enormous event equipment rentals that we don’t compete with. Mostly we are the company you rely upon because we are good at operating the audio/video equipment during your live event, Live Streaming and Video Production.

Currently our focus is on Livestreaming in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and surrounding areas.

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Course Creation Partnerships

We are seeking local authors/teachers/entrepreneurs who want to create their own online courses but don’t have the money, equipment or experience.

At no cost we will provide the equipment, man hours and experience so that working together we can get your course online! 

If you have something to teach then we can help get you in front of paying students. We will invest in your project with our time, equipment, and experience. You will invest with your own time and content creation. 

By sharing in the ownership of the final produce we can share in the sales!

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Audio Visual Professionals

Robert personally setups and runs about 60 live events a year, and has been doing this type of work for the last 20 years!

Seminar Techs is a small team of highly skilled professionals, with deep roots in the Edmonton AV industry.

We offer a high-touch customer service experience because we understand that your focus is on results and a successful event, not how powerful our nerdy AV Equipment is.

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Audio Video Rentals 

We offer audio equipment rentals and video equipment rentals for every possible event scenario or situation. We work with you in advance to plan out what you’ll need, but we always bring extra items for emergencies or game day changes. 

Typically we will bring our van full of microphones, cables, mixers, recorders, projectors, screens, video cameras, adapters, and loud speakers to support your presenter and their presentation.

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AV Equipment

Be aware that the large AV Companies will invoice you a full professional hourly rate, but then will send out their 20-year-old student who’s being paid $15/hour, without the experience to handle surprises during your live event.

Not only that, they’re using equipment that’s been poorly handled by hundreds of people who rent from them.

When you hire Seminar Techs you’re getting our best equipment, handled only by us. Right down to every cable that’s been carefully tested, cleaned and cared for.

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Client Testimonials

Keith Wilson B.A., LL.B.

I’ve been involved in many conferences and Seminar Techs has been the most professional AV Company I’ve ever worked with, and I highly recommend them.The attention to detail, the discrete testing of audio levels in all areas of the room after a speaker change up, and the high quality of every aspect of their equipment is truly impressive—actually, the best I’ve ever worked with.

Keith Wilson B.A., LL.B. / Wilson Law Office

Seminar Techs is amazing!We run approximately 75 seminars and conferences a year and we choose Seminar Techs because they are consistent, reliable, and very professional.

Matt Sommerfeldt / Legal Education Society of Alberta

Robert with Seminar Techs has provided invaluable service for our business allowing our presentations to run seamlessly. He is always extremely helpful, easy to work, on time and on budget. Highly recommend Seminar Techs for small and large businesses.

Brenda Brix / AMR Design

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If you’re a local Event Planner who would like to partner with us please drop us a line anytime! We love helping others in the Edmonton video Production communicate, meet new clients, and grow their business!