Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming

Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc, St Albert

Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming
Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming
Spruce Grove Funeral Livestreaming
Spruce Grove Funeral Livestreaming
Leduc Funeral Livestreaming
Leduc Funeral Livestreaming

Audio / Video Streaming Specialists

Be Careful When Doing It Yourself

“Facebook cut us off!”

✗ Be careful when trying to Live Stream video yourself, or with non-video professionals.

✗ YouTube Live and Facebook Live are free, but they will turn off your Live Stream if they detect copyright music being played during your event.

✓ That’s why we use our own expensive Live Video Streaming Server. This allows us to stream anything we want, publicly or privately.

Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming | 1
Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming | 2

“Help, we can’t HEAR!”

✗ Be careful when trying to Live Stream audio and video yourself, or when paying for non-professionals.

✗ If you’re just holding up your cell phone, or a video camera and trying to record the room audio, you’re going to Video Streaming very poor quality audio.

✓ That’s why we use a professional Audio Mixer. When we’re streaming an audio signal we manage the different sources of audio independently through a sound mixer. This is the only way to clearly hear different aspects of the live service.

“Why is it so blurry!?”

Professionals use tripods and cameras, not hand-held iPhones.

✗ If you’ve paid someone to help you Live Video Stream your Memorial Service, and they’re using an iPhone, then they’re not professionals.

✓ Nothing provides as sharp and clear an image as a professional camera and tripod.

Memorial Live Video Streaming

Current Package

Full Service Package

This Sherwood Park Funeral Livestream service includes the use of two professional cameras, audio/video switching, and streaming with one operator.

✓ We create a custom webpage that you can share directly with family and friends. 

✓ You can watch the event Live, and will be available anytime afterwards.

✓ There are additional options such as making it downloadable, with or without a password, and includes the option for leaving special messages from viewers.

Sherwood Park Funeral Livestreaming | 3

Live Funeral Video Streaming Services

✓ Live Stream with Archive Playback

✓Full HD – 1080P Playback / 720P Live

✓ Digital Copy Downloadable

✓ Clear and Focused Professional Multi-Camera

✓ Integration of Memorial Videos

✓ Crystal Clear Professional Audio

✓ Streaming to Private or Public Webpage

✓ Password Protection Option

✓ We handle all of the tech

✓ No Copyright Music interrupts during the Live Stream


Sometimes it’s complicated…


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